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          What is a Coast Guard Wife?


She's totally feminine,
yet at times we see her
mowing the lawn,
balancing the checkbook
or fixing a leaky faucet,
and this
 makes her feel like the man of the house.
                        She usually comes in different sizes;
tall, small,
plump or pregnant.
During the early years of her marriage
, it is often hard to determine
which is the normal one.

She measures time in terms of duty stations
as other women use years.

                At times she was alone,
her husband at sea,
when her child was born
or when 
                movers came.
She wonders if there is a secret pact
between her husband and the service,
providing for a man to be on duty
or temporary duty
at such times as these.

                    She draws her inner strength
from many sources.
Some are country girls,
some city girls
and some even from other countries.
She may be a nurse,
a teacher
or a secretary
but the bond she shares with everyone else
is that
she's a Coast Guard Wife.

When transfer time rolls around,
she must smile and
put on an Academy Award winning performance
to convince her children that they'll love the new place.
At the same time,
she wonders
whether he can handle this new assignment.
And all the time
she knows that no one really wants to leave.
In her heart,
she silently wonders if it is worth the sacrifice,
but she goes.
Because she is a Coast Guard Wife.

An ideal wife has
the patience of an angel,
the flexibility of putty,
the wisdom of a scholar
and the stamina of a horse.
If she dislikes money, it helps.

She carries her memories in a shoe box
full of old photographs
which she still intends to mount someday.
Some might say she's a bigamist,
sharing her husband
with his mistress called DUTY.
When duty calls,
she becomes the #2 wife.
Until she accepts this fact,
her life can be miserable.

She is above all,
a woman who married a serviceman
who offered her the permanency of a gypsy,
the miseries of loneliness,
the frustrations of conformity
and the security of love.

Sitting among the packing boxes
with squabbling children nearby,
she is sometimes willing to chuck it all.
And then she remembers just how much
we depend on her.
How much we rely upon her
so we may indulge ourselves in our careers.
Then she hears the firm steps
and the cheerful voice of the lug
who gave her all this
and she knows she made the right choice.
And she is happy to be
a Coast Guard Wife.
~ Author Unknown