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                                  College Opportunities
                For Adult students

      If you are interested in pursuing your college degree as
               a "non-traditional student," then this is the place to start.  I am
               sure that the biggest concern you have is "how can I afford to
               go back to school?"  You have many options.

               The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance program offers grants
                in the amount of $1,000 to qualified applicants. They look at
                rate of pay, cost of education, and a minimum grade point
                average.  These are available for the dependents of active
                duty and retired Coast Guard personnel (spouses are NOT
                excluded!).  The applications can be obtained at the beginning
                of the year from the mutual assistance officer.  The deadlines
                are very strict, so don't put it off.  Notification is usually
                received by mid-June of each year.

                The Coast Guard also 'guarantees' student loans for qualified
                dependents.  This information can be obtained from the mutual
                assistance officer as well.

                Also, whether you think you will qualify or not, obtain the Free
                Application for Financial Aid from any college financial aid
                office -- fill it out, and send it in early in the year.  You never
                know -- you might qualify even if you don't think you will.  You
                must fill this out to qualify for any subsidized loan, pell grant,
                and even some scholarships.

                Do a web search for scholarships you might qualify for.  One
                good place to start is  Fast Web  At this site, you will fill out a
                fairly lengthy questionnaire and they will match you up with
                scholarships that you might qualify for.  It is your responsibility
                to apply for these scholarships and make sure that you meet
                all of the requirements for each specific scholarships.  Don't
                pay a company to do this for you -- no matter what they
                might guarantee.  It really is a waste of money.

                Check with your prospective school's financial aid office for
                a listing of scholarships that you can look through and apply
                for.  The money is out there -- it is just a matter of finding it.

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