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           Our Holiday Traditions


As a Coast Guard family, we have not
been able to spend very many holidays with our extended families,
and so we have had a great time creating our own special and unique family traditions -- merging some of what John and I experienced growing up and creating some new.
My favorite thing is all the baking --
I bake a lot of Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish cookies and breads  --
as well as 'regular' Christmas fare.
click here  to see some of my favorite recipes!

We also do a lot of decorating -- the tree is covered with the special ornaments we have collected through the years, and ones that the boys have made. 
The rest of the house is full of decorations -- most with a country look to them.  I do lots of lights -- my new favorites are the curtain lights -- the kind that look like icsicles -- I put them in all the windows. 
We listen to a lot of Christmas
music -- a favorite of the boys' is "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"  although my tastes run a bit more traditional than that!
I think I can honestly say though, the best part of this season, is spending it together -- with only the four of us, or with friends, or with our families.  Togetherness is the best part of all!