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Meet the Johnson's:
About the Johnson's
The Johnson Boys
More on the Johnson's
NEW!!!!  Picture with Cindy in it!!  (You have no idea how rare those are!!)
A Visit to Where We Call Home
See Where We Have Been Stationed

The United States Coast Guard & Military Causes
The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act
The Coast Guard
Veteran's Day Tribute
Adopted POW/MIA's

Coast Guard Spouse Information
What is a CG Spouse?
Coast Guard Spouses
Words of Wisdom for New Coast Guard Wives
Moving with the USCG

Political Soapbox and Causes I Believe In
The Soapbox
Returning to College
Attention Deficit Disorder -- information and links
Children Are Our Future
Assisted Suicide Position Paper

Vacation Hot Spots
Vacation Hot spots
Ketchikan, Alaska
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Yellowstone and more
Cooperstown, New York and the Baseball Hall of Fame

From the Heart
Poems and Stories
More Poems and Stories
Some of Cindy's Favorites

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Favorite Links & Web Rings
Favorite Links and Web Rings
Where do My Graphics Come From?

Holiday Pages
Christmas pages
   Main page
   Holiday traditions
   Favorite Holiday Web Sites
   Holiday Page Awards
   Spirit of Christmas
   Christmas Stories
   Soldier's Christmas
   The Real Christmas Story
   The Coast Guard Night Before Christmas


>Valentines day!

More holidays will be added as the pages occur!

Our Tribute to Mark McGwire (Our favorite baseball player!)

Just a note:  I am in the process of updating my site and placing graphic
credits on each page.  Please be patient while I do so.  The 'rules' have
changed since I put these pages together a year ago, and I am trying
to get in compliance.  If you see a graphic and know where credit should go,
please email me -- this will speed up the process a bit!