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Welcome to the Johnson's! We are so happy to see you. Let us begin by telling you a little something about us.

John (Jay to his friends) is a Quartermaster in the United States Coast Guard (as a QM he navigates the boats, and does charting, does positioning of bouys, and even drives the boats.) He has been in for 19+ years. In less than a year  he can retire from this job. (YEAH!!!!) He loves his job, but we are all tired of all the moving around. It is time to put down roots. He loves sports (The Raiders, Flyers, and the Mariners are some of his favorite teams -- he is a recovering Red Sox fan as well!), animals, and has really developed a love for birdwatching. This past Spring he put up a bunch of bird feeders in our yard, as well as a bird bath, and takes great pleasure in watching and identifying the birds that come to visit. He is also an avid collector of sports memorabilia -- especially football and hockey cards, and these days replica's of race cars.

Cindy (that's me!) is a full time student, majoring in Public Health, and trying to get her nursing degree as well. This keeps her very busy, but in her free time she likes to read (Jonathan Kellerman, Ann Rule, other true crime books, as well as best sellers {She loves the books from Oprah's book club!}and some historical romance as well), play on the internet, listen to music (all kinds), and spend time with the family.


Stephen is our oldest son. He is 15 years old and in many ways a typical teenager. He loves sports, music, and girls. He also loves to eat, and play on the computer. He is a great kid and we are very proud of him. He loves to watch South Park, the Simpson's, and a good movie of any kind. He really loves to rollerblade with his friends as well. He is a freshman in high school and doing so well!  He loves the high school atmosphere, and is working hard to get the grades he will need to go to one of the colleges he has in mind!

Zachary is our youngest son. He is 13. He likes to play sports, doesn't like girls (unless they like to tromp around in the woods with him!), is a gifted artist -- loves to paint, draw, & create things. Zachary lives for fishing and would do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if we would let him!! He is quite innovative when it comes to rigging up fishing gear as well! He also loves to eat! (Another of his favorite things is to play practical jokes on his Dad! Keeps life interesting!!)The younger kids in the neighborhood all love Zachary -- and he loves to play with them. They are great kids and we are truly blessed with them.

The Coast Guard has transfered us all over the place. Oregon is where I am from, and that is what we all consider to be our home. We have lived in Kodiak, Alaska, Cape Cod, Mass., Ketchikan, Alaska; Portland, Maine (our 2nd favorite place to live); Astoria, OR; and New Haven, CT. We have had a great time and made some wonderful friends along the way. We have been very lucky to have such wonderful opportunities in this life.

Our family also consists of Louie The Dog -- he is a 6+ year old mixed breed. He is the best dog anyone could ever hope for! And, last but not least, the Queen of the household, Samantha The Cat. Samantha is a Maine Coon Cat, and is wonderful, if a bit moody. We have had her for 9 years now and sometimes I think she has only tolerated us this long because we feed her! If she could figure out how to open the cans of cat food by herself, we would be outta here! HAHA

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